Jesus and Mohammed

Jesus and Mohammed - Jesus and Mohammed The similarities...

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Jesus and Mohammed The similarities between Islam and Christianity are many. Each religion teaches that there is only one God and that believers should worship the one God. Mohammed has had the same profound impact on Islam that Jesus Christ has had on Christianity. Both men affected and influenced people during their lives and continue to do so, even in current times. Because Christianity is some six hundred years older than Islam, there is no mention of Mohammed in the Bible, although there is mention of Jesus in the Qur’an, Islam teaches that Jesus was merely a prophet not the savior that Christians view him to be. Exploring the lives of these men allows further understanding of the religions for which they belong. Christianity maintains that Jesus Christ was conceived immaculately and born to the Virgin Mary and the carpenter who married her, Joseph. He was born between the years 4-6 BC in the town of Bethlehem. There is little written of his childhood. The first language of Jesus was Aramaic but at some point learn enough Greek to be able to minister to the Romans later in life. Other than running away from his parents at age 12, when he parents found him Jesus reportedly told his parents that they should have known that he would be in his father’s house, most of the childhood was not documented. The Gospels of the Bible begin talking about the life of Jesus in 26 AD when he was about 30, when he was baptized by John the Baptist, thus marking the beginning of Jesus’ ministry. During his adult life, Jesus preformed many miracles; he walked on water, turn water in wine, healing the sick and fed multitudes with a small meal. The teachings of Jesus were popular during his life, but so was the hostility that he encountered from Roman rulers. The end of the life of Jesus came when one of his twelve disciples, Judas, betrayed the location of Jesus to Roman soldiers for silver pieces. Following his arrest, Jesus went before Jewish chief priests where he affirmed that was the Messiah. He was then turned over to Pilate
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for sentencing for blasphemy. Pilate sentenced him to death by method of crucifixion. After
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Jesus and Mohammed - Jesus and Mohammed The similarities...

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