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Lab #1: Dependent and Independent Variables Worksheet (Worth 120 possible points) 1. ECB refers to: a. A genetically engineered plant that is resistant to insect pests b. Edible corn byproducts c. An insect pest that reduces corn yield d. European corn borer e. c and d (Worth 5 possible points) 2. How many days are required for a corn seed to become a mature plant with maximum weight kernels ready to be harvested? a. about 23 b. about 65 c. about 140 d. about 180 (Worth 5 possible points) 3. “BT Corn” refers to corn that: a. Has been infested with insect pests b. Has been infected with bacteria c. Is resistant to ECB d. Is not affected by pesticides (Worth 5 possible points) 4. BT is: a. A stomach poison produced by bacteria b. A genetically engineered corn product c. A bacterium carried by the European corn borer d. A bacterium that has a gene for producing Cry proteins (Worth 5 possible points) 5. Creation of BT corn requires genetic material from all of the following except: a. European corn borer
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DependentandIndependentVariablesWorksheet_AK - Lab#1...

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