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At first thought a person may immediately associate Leonardo da Vinci as a painter, sculptor a very talented artists-though there are many talented artists past present and future. When first visiting the web page http://www.drawingsofleonardo.org/ had these painting been organized differently a person would assume he or she was viewing a book on human anatomy and physiology or possibly drafting papers from an architect- or ideas and thesis about human psychology. This sets Leonardo da Vinci apart from any other talented painter-this proves he was deeply intellectually genius. By nature’s standards although many of Leonardo da Vinci used perishable tools such as paint, canvas, and lead these valuable collections have overwhelmingly appreciated over time rather than depleted in value. Da Vinci’s function was to explore many unknown question
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Unformatted text preview: he had then document them- and expose all of his findings and observations. Taking in other very intelligent peoples views on his works can be decoding and sometimes enlightening however every individual will perceive each piece of art in a deferent way due to many factors such as age, education, and many other factors that could scud their own ideas as well as thoughts. For example if someone had a simple flash card with a circle on it that was the color red some people would interrupt it as it was described- some people may think of a bulls eye or a teachers note there could be a lot of possibilities. This is why the titles and dates are also indicators of what function the artist had for the drawing....
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