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ReadingArtUnderstandingIconography - news on television or...

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Assignment: Reading Art – Understanding Iconography Ugandan child drew this extremely symbolic picture and was posted on a cite called: Oaklandeffect.com/36269948. This artist touched on all four roles of an artist including perception for a person to see the world in new and innovative ways, they create a visual record of their time and place, creating functional objects transform, and give form to immaterial ideas and feelings. When taking this picture in- letting one’s eyes scan over it there is a immediate sense of how the artist view’s his or her world. In one light there is normalcy then severe violence just on the left side. This child may have recorded a specific event or several in Uganda- or could have been exposed to recorded
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Unformatted text preview: news on television or possibly news papers or magazines. It is clear however with careful examination that this child has indeed transformed the onlookers attention as well as jar us out of complacency. It is unclear whether this child artist simply wanted to record history or depict a different sort of agenda but one thing is for sure- this picture is full to the brim of visual images called symbols. Could this child be using art as a form of therapy or maybe communication? Every culture has different meanings for specific iconographic practices and considering this is a current photo as well as Ugandan it is now for sure what double meanings or face value issues are present....
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