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Although Howling Wolf’s drawing is seen as naively executed by the standards of Western art, we conclude that his record of the treaty signing event is more honest than the illustration rendered by the other artist because of how the whole event was depicted by Howling Wolf. He wasn’t distracted as the other artist was focused on one of the native women’s almost liberal attar. Howling Wolf focused on using his whole pallet top to bottom, side to side in order to create a scene including a horse, certain trees which have meaning, styles of the native women’s hair. Most everything in this picture seems to have a double meaning whereas the other artist is more just a journalist. The colors were both amazingly bright now, and even more impressive for that time frame. The other picture had color, however it was very gray and pastel. It would have been a treat to have actually had a vibrant red dress with matching bonnet in the picture. Wolf’s
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Unformatted text preview: has many yellows, reds. Green great primary colors. The White artist ignored the many native women who were present at the treaty signing because I do not believe that in his culture many women were not as important, or at least not native women. Maybe it could be the fascination with the one token native women dressed in red with a matching red bonnet. This omission could have been either or deliberate or unintentional due to cultural bias. The other artist may have had an array of influences surrounding his picture like sinus infection, wacky tobacco, lack of sleep, his wife could have irritated him prior to painting, his religions beliefs or maybe it was even out of respect that he did not paint certain women that were there. Honestly though he was fixated on the “lady in red” that is my conclusion....
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