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Week 2 assignment 1 - Eshon Howard Assignment 1 5.3Audience...

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Eshon Howard Assignment 1 5.3—Audience Relationship: Emphasize the positive a) It is suggested that you remit your payment within 10 days in order to avoid a potential decrease in your credit rating. b) We are sorry to inform you that we cannot issue a refund for soiled merchandise. c) Due to the popularity of the Baby Cry Dolls, we will not be able to fulfill your order for at least 10 days. d) It appears that you neglected to select a color for the blouse you ordered. e) Our guarantee does not allow us to replace your waterbed due to owner neglect as written in our policy. Therefore, the owner is responsible for repairs resulting from this issue. 5.5—Audience Relationship: Bias Free Language. a) Maggie is certainly outgoing. b) Being in a wheelchair does not affect his job performance. c) Pilots must be able to stay calm when unexpected events arise. d) The candidate Renata Parsons will attend the debate. e) Sam Nugent is still an active salesman.
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