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Chac Mool guia de lectura

Chac Mool guia de lectura - Chac Mool by Carlos Fuentes...

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Chac Mool by Carlos Fuentes Summary: The narrator begins: Filiberto murió ahogado en Acapulco (191). He seems to know why he drowned he was tempted to go, then swam too much for his age. Filiberto is to be transferred in his coffin via truck, and the narrator is going to deliver him. The narrator looks through Filiberto’s briefcase and finds his journal … “Filiberto’s journal begins normally: he meets with a lawyer about his pension and dines in a café. He talks with his friend Pepe about religion and work, where someone died the water red. “He also has an affinity for certain forms of indigenous Mexican art. He’s been looking for a reasonable replica of Chac Mool, the Mayan god of rain, which he finds in la Lagunilla. He is very skeptical of its originality although it looks so elegant, it has tomato sauce smeared on it to sell its authenticity. He puts Chac Mool in his basement. “The plumbing broke, putting water in the basement. Chac Mool bec omes covered with moss. That night, Filiberto begins
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