week 7 Jesus & Mohammed Paper

Week 7 Jesus - 1 John Sherrow HUM 130 Jesus Mohammed Paper RANDI JO MCLEOD Wednesday Jesus and Mohammed Amongst scholars Jesus and Mohammed have

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1 John Sherrow RANDI JO MCLEOD Wednesday, April 20, 2011 Jesus and Mohammed Amongst scholars, Jesus and Mohammed have been mystified as being one in the same. Both of these
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2 historical figures were born at separate times. The similarity however is that both served parallel purposes while on Earth. During a strong Judaism era, Jesus promoted Christianity and Mohammed promoted Islam. Both of their method was to establish and strengthen each respective faith or religion. This assignment will trace and distinguish the lives of Jesus and Mohammed historically, show the impact each death had on its respective religion, and describe how both were worshipped. Jesus was born to the Virgin Mary and conceived by the Holy Spirit through Immaculate Conception. The place where Jesus was born is Bethlehem in the 4th year before the Common Era (BCE). During Mary’s pregnancy, Joseph and she were required to travel to Bethlehem. Upon arrival, there was no place to sleep. The couple ended up staying in a stable among animals and the same night, Mary gave birth to a boy. He was named Jesus, which means, “God saves” (Fisher, 2005, p.288). Many shepherds, who were poor, came to pay their respects to the new parents and considered Jesus the Savior. Jesus was 12 years old when he traveled to Jerusalem for Passover. His parents in a temple discussing the Torah with Rabbis found Jesus. When leaving, Jesus stated aloud “Did you not know that I must be in my Father’s house?” (Fisher, 2005, p. 289). Jesus’ statement shows his close connection to God, which will be revealed later in his life. When he was 30 years old, upon request John the Baptist, who performed Baptism ceremonies in the Jordan River at that time, baptized Jesus. John was uncomfortable in this situation because he believed that baptizing the Savior was not in his position, but Jesus insisted. Some believed that this was the Messiah’s way of dedicating himself to God. While Jesus was traveling throughout the land to spread the teachings of love, he performed many miracles. “As Jesus traveled, speaking, he is said to have performed many miracles, such as turning water into wine, healing the sick, restoring the dead to life, walking on water, casting devils out of possessed , and turning a few loaves and fish into enough food to
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Week 7 Jesus - 1 John Sherrow HUM 130 Jesus Mohammed Paper RANDI JO MCLEOD Wednesday Jesus and Mohammed Amongst scholars Jesus and Mohammed have

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