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week 9 Capstone CheckPoint - and found out about religions...

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Capstone CheckPoint Learning about world religions has had a profound effect upon me. I feel that understanding other people’s beliefs allows us to focus on our similarities and become increasingly more tolerant of one another’s cultural differences. Most people believe that a higher power is presenting the world, remembering this helps us to treat one another with greater respect in our daily interactions. I found that I learned a great deal in this course
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Unformatted text preview: and found out about religions that I had previously known very little about. I feel that we should all have more information about religions outside of our own. I know this information will continue to be useful to me. It will be easier to have conversations about religion to others when you have a better understanding of the different religions of the world. It helped me to open up my mind to be more acceptable of other religious traditions....
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