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Digestive and Respiratory System Worksheet Name: La’Quonoeishaka Quick Before answering the questions below, log in to ADAM and view the clinical animations for Peristalsis and Gas Exchange. Remember, you may use our text, our discussions, and the internet to write your answers, but be sure to write your answers in your own words and to use correct citations where appropriate! Cutting and Pasting your responses will result in a Zero for this assignment! 1. Trace the path of an oxygen molecule from the air outside you to your tissues. You breathe oxygen outside the breathe it into your lungs. The oxygen in the air absorbs into your blood vessels in your lungs and attaches to hemoglobin’s molecules, or also called red blood cells, which is a component of the blood carries the oxygen now. Now the blood that were just saturated with oxygen in the lungs travels to the heart and is pump out to the body from the aorta when the blood reaches an area that is low on
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Lab6_Bios105_LaQuonoeishakaQuick - Digestive and...

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