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PRACTICE EXAM 1 Chapter 1—Changing Nature of Human Resource Management MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. HR metrics must be linked to a. statistical analyses. b. industry outcomes. c. business performance. d. employee satisfaction. 2. All of the following are types of organizational assets EXCEPT a. social. b. human. c. financial. d. intangible. 3. You are the director of HR for a medium-sized firm. You are looking to hire a benefits specialist. You would prefer the individual to be certified in this field. Consequently, you will check applicant resumés for these initials a. OHST. b. CEBS c. CPT. d. GPHR. 4. HR professionals value their professional certification because a. certification is required in order to hold an exempt-level position in HR. b. PHR and SPHR certified professionals command higher pay. c. of the credibility certification gives them with peers and senior managers. d. certification is viewed as the equivalent of a master’s degree in HR. 5. The largest professional organization for HR generalists is a. the International Personnel Management Association (IPMA). b. the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). c. the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI). d. the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). 6. Emil is the assistant HR manager at a commercial construction company. Emil handles almost every aspect of human resources at the company, from employee questions about benefits to holding exit interviews. Emil is an HR a. generalist. b. specialist. c. technologist. d. unit manager.
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7. Whether employees and managers of an organization behave ethically is fundamentally a function of a. professional codes of ethics. b. the relevant laws and legal guidelines applying to the organization and its industry. c. whether the organization has a code of ethics. d. the organization’s culture. 8. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act has had all of the following effects on HR EXCEPT a. HR vendors must prove that they are in compliance with the act. b. HR has had to staff the compliance verification effort involved with the act. c. HR has to check time, attendance, and payroll more closely. d. HR exempt-level professionals must have professional certification. 9. The position of vice-president of HR is open in a large paper-products manufacturing company. Two individuals are being considered, both from the internal HR function at the firm. The selection committee wants the new vice-president to be a strategic contributor to the firm. All of the following competencies are highly desirable EXCEPT a. that the candidate understands the paper-products business in all aspects. b. that the candidate be a highly detail-oriented person. c. that the candidate have personal and professional credibility. d.
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PRACTICE EXAM 1 - PRACTICEEXAM1 Chapter 1Changing Nature of...

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