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Measures of Kurtosis  The  Kurtosis  is the degree of peakedness or flatness of a unimodal (single humped)  distribution,   When the values of a variable are highly concentrated around the mode, the peak of the  curve becomes relatively high; the curve is  Leptokurtic .  When the values of a variable have low concentration around the mode, the peak of the  curve becomes relatively flat;curve is  Platykurtic .   A curve, which is neither very peaked nor very flat-toped, it is taken as a basis for 
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Unformatted text preview: comparison, is called Mesokurtic/Normal . Measures of Kurtosis Coefficient of kurtosis= n∑(x-mean) ⁴ [∑(x-mean)²] ² If coefficient of kurtosis>3…………leptokurtic If coefficient of kurtosis=3…………Mesokartic If coefficient of kurtosis<3…………Platykurtic...
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