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Grindele, Brian C. Div M1A3

Grindele, Brian C. Div M1A3 - Hispanic descent Both illegal...

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What did you discover was the general attitude toward diversity in our culture? I interviewed some people in my neighborhood. I interviewed a Hispanic male, an African-American female, and a white male. I live in a diverse neighborhood of middle- lower class families. In general the three individuals seemed to be on the same page. They all three felt about the same. They felt that our part of Texas was overrun with Hispanics, and therefore we are more attuned to their cultural differences. In particular, the white male and African-American female felt that the amount of illegal immigrants is doing slow damage to our cultural balance. Is diversity more associated with one race, ethnic, or other minority group than with others? If so, explain why this might be the case. I live in Texas so my answer to this question is yes. Our citizens are predominantly of
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Unformatted text preview: Hispanic descent. Both illegal immigrants and natives Texans is %75 Hispanic. We have whites, African-Americans, and Orientals here as well, but the Hispanic population is overwhelming. We have festivals for the 4 th of July and other American Holidays, but the “Cinco De Mayo” ceremonies are tremendous here. Compare and contrast the respondent's views with your own. How would you answer the same questions? I will have to say that I agree with them for the most part. I have the same resentment when it comes to the constant barrage of illegal immigrants. I also feel that the population is being inundated with Hispanic culture. Though not necessarily a bad thing, the Hispanic influence is making some of our American traditions seem small and insignificant....
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Grindele, Brian C. Div M1A3 - Hispanic descent Both illegal...

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