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Grindele, Brian C. HS M1A3

Grindele, Brian C. HS M1A3 - PSY304 Human Sexuality Module...

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PSY304 Human Sexuality Module 1_Assignment 3 The main organized religions convey expected, appropriate gender roles and sexual behaviors by their ceremonies and sacred texts. Their priests, rabbis, imams, and ministers are the role models. However, just like government and political structures, religious attitudes toward sex and gender usually range from “conservative” to “liberal.” Select a religion with which you are familiar, or, if you prefer, do some research on a religion you are curious about. From what you understand about that religion, create a table that describes the acceptable behaviors for a “good girl,” a “good woman,” a “good boy,” and a “good man.” In addition, describe the “unacceptable behaviors” for all four categories. A sample table is shown below. You might comment on topics such as acceptable dress code, grooming, conversational topics, social assertion, dating behaviors, birth control, homosexuality, marriage, divorce, elective childlessness, and assisted fertility. You may also comment on topics such as masturbation, non-
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