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Unformatted text preview: Identify the variables in this study. What are some extraneous variables that might impact your research? How would you control for extraneous variables? First of all the hypothesis was weak in my opinion. That aside I would say the independent variable would be the employee attendance. Extraneous variables could include employee illness, employee pregnancy, and employee family commitments. All three of these could stress the study and give false data. The last Extraneous variable would be the most difficult to manage as it is the toughest to understand for me. Employee devotion often has little to do with employee satisfaction. This can come about because it is the first job for that employee, or maybe they have made friendships with upper management. To control the first three variables the researcher would need to find a way to factor these variables in instead of controlling them. As for the last variable, it will be the most difficult to control. For this variable I would separate the employees and spread them equally between control groups to disperse the effects they will afflict on the study. What research design would you use to study this hypothesis and why? I would use the observational study for this experiment. By using the control groups to draw data for this experiment, and then observing the behavior over a period of time the researcher should be able to draw the appropriate conclusions and give the results needed. i What data collection techniques would you use to study this hypothesis and why? From a scholarly point of view I would pick another form, but personally I like the participant observation method. First the researcher would need to gain knowledge through surveys, but to get to the point of the study he/she would need to either insinuate a colleague or themselves into the study to gain knowledge first hand. By attaining information strictly through surveys and interviews the data collected would be tainted. The subjects would either give information they only want to give, or they would give the information that they think the researcher wants. i Assuming that you get a correlation of r = -.70, what does this tell you about the strength and direction of the correlation between satisfaction and absenteeism? This would state that the correlation is negative. Basically it tells us that the connection between employee satisfaction and employee attendance is weak. Furthermore, it may tell us that there is another reason for the employees having impeccable attendance, or being constantly absent. i What are some potential problems you might encounter, and what strategies would you use to minimize these problems? In the workplace there can be a dynamic that is in place that make the employees resent outside influence, which this study could be construed as being. Simply speaking to the employees can alleviate much of this problem, and maybe having upper management show support should alleviate the rest of the dissention. ...
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