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Grindele, Brian C. PT M3A2

Grindele, Brian C. PT M3A2 - PSY361 Personality Theory Week...

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PSY361 Personality Theory Week 3_Assignment 3 Freud vs. Jung Mary Jones is a 30-year-old patient who is complaining of numerous fears, bizarre dreams, and a host of relationship problems. Both Freud and Jung would acknowledge that unconscious processes are at work in this woman’s problems, but they would likely come to different conclusions about the origin of the problems and the method by which they should be treated. Compare and contrast Freud’s view of the unconscious against Jung’s. Jung felt that Freud’s theory on the unconscious was incomplete. The main difference between the two theories came from religion. Freud thought that religion was an escape from reality, where Jung felt religion was important for feeling safe, and also a sense of importance. Where the unconscious is concerned Jung and Freud also disagreed. Freud viewed the unconscious as a collection of images, thoughts and experiences the individual refused to process, which lead to neuroses (wisegeek, 2011). Jung thought that all people shared certain images from the collective unconscious (wisegeek, 2011). Both
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