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Legal Considerations This instruction is necessary so that all employees and volunteers understand the rules and regulations regarding working in the Community Services field. Therefore, if an issue arises, there can be no question about what accepted behavior is and what is not. Some people come into this field with preconceived notions about what can and cannot be done, or even having a prejudice against some people. These instructions will help people make the correct choices, no matter if it is in direct conflict with their moral senses, and act in accordance with the law. There is a big difference between law and ethics. If a person feels that another human is doing things that are ethically incorrect as to their personal feelings, the law states that a person cannot be judged or treated
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Unformatted text preview: differently because of how someone views the situation. The other issue here would be along the lines of profiling. If you feel that there is one ethnic group on public assistance, the law says you cannot judge them on that fact, no matter how you perceive it. The law states what you can or cannot do legally. Ethics tells you what you feel is morally right and wrong. Most businesses in the Community Service area know that a person’s personal feelings may cloud their judgment in some situations. These laws are there to protect the rights of both the worker and the recipient of services....
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