020310 (The Activation of Self-Knowledge)

020310 (The Activation of Self-Knowledge) - II. The...

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II. The Activation of Self-Knowledge Current Self-Representation – The way in which the person thinks of themselves at the moment (Phenomenal self) (Spontaneous self) (Working Self Concept) (Self Identification) What is it that determines what we think of ourselves in the moment? A. Personal Factors 1. Self-Concept and Self-Esteem i. Self Concept - How people usually think of themselves. A person, who usually thinks of herself as smart, will usually think of herself as smart in any given situation. ii. This is true for traits that the person thinks of as important in self-defining. - These are chronically accessible traits (easily accessible, easily activated) iii.Self Esteem – people with high esteem usually think of themselves with positive traits in any situation 2. Mood States i. When we are happy, we think about our positive attributes, and when we are sad, our negative attributes become more accessible ii. Link between mood and self views is particularly strong for low-esteem people - The rating of self evaluation decreases dramatically when they are in a negative mood for low self esteem people compared to high self esteem people in a negative mood 3. Goals i. People can deliberately activate self concepts - We think about what image we want to project in certain situation and actively bring it out Ex: job interview, want to be shown as hard working, leader type, organized… ii. Desire to feel good about their selves - Qunda and Cinitioso – had students read a story about another student. One
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020310 (The Activation of Self-Knowledge) - II. The...

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