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IV. Processing Self-Relevant Information We are good at blocking out side conversations and focusing on only our conversation. But when someone mentions my name in another conversation away from me, I block out everything else (including my own conversation) and only listen to the conversation that mentioned me. Attention has limited capacity. It will naturally flow to the things that are directly relevant to me. This is called the Cocktail Party Phenomenon A. Memory for Self-Relevant Material James Mill – the Phenomenon of self and that of memory, are merely the two sides of the same thing. What is the self other than the complete collection of memory of you? William James – Our identity depends on our ability to remember what it feels to be us. Identity is my ability to remember the things that I like, hate, love…. Memory loss and identity disorder often go hand-in-hand 1. Self-generation effect i. You remember what you yourself said, but not what others said as an answer to a
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