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Self Esteem I. What is Self Esteem? Self esteem has been interpreted to many areas of social success Self esteem - Feeling of affection for one-self, how we evaluate ourselves in various domains A. Three Meanings of self-Esteem i. Global Self-Esteem most people use this global self-esteem as a personality trait. Level of self-esteem is enduring over time and situation. ii. Self-Evaluation How we evaluate our own ability and attribute (social and academic self-esteem) 1. Causal Association (social cognition) bottom-up 2. Affective association top-down A. Ex I am a good person so I must be pretty popular iii.Feelings of Self-Worth 1. State self-esteem self-esteem that changes according to the situation
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Unformatted text preview: A. Ex self esteem high after a promotion but it will not last too long. Goes back to where it was B. Measuring Self-Esteem i. Self-Report Measures 1. Rosenberg Scale general feelings of self. Proper to measure global self-esteem 2. Texas Scale How comfortable and competitive we feel in our society. Tied to social events and situations ii. Problems with self-report measures 1. Self-presentation hypothesis We report depending on how we want to present ourselves to others A. Assertive inter personal style (US) i. Present themselves with confidence ii. Score higher on Rosenberg B. Modest inter personal Style (Asian) i. Lower on the Rosenberg...
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