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Psych353 Exam1-005 - People believe that they have a lot of...

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Unformatted text preview: People believe that they have a lot of good thing than bad thing. In general, People in UW was more loyal than other people but NOT as loyal as ME! People in UW have fewer negative than other people but More than ME! 89% rated themselves more positively than other people. 92% rated themselves less negatively than other people. Concerning: when do the research, you have to look at what individual people think of themselves. Not just looking at the average and mean. Ex) 90% of business manager in real world think that they are superior to other managers. No exception to sick people. Even sick people do same! Ask AIDS patients if they are health. —>They think they are more healthier than others WHEN you get to compare them with other AIDS patients. B. Assessing the Accuracy of people’s self-views 1. Correspondence between self—views and objective criteria EX) how smart are you? If you are smart, you might have high score in SAT Positive correlation with rating of intelligence Correlation positive to those people think they are most intelligence score best on the test. As judgment becomes narrow, the higher the correlation Ex) How intelligent are you? —> r = .3 How good student are you? —r r = .7 Correlation tells you about relation between rank orders of 2 different variables but says nothing about accuracy. Correspondence between self-Views and the judgments of others Ex) Physical attractive r = .24 in terms of rating ourselves and other’s rating I = .65 r = .65 (C-C) inter rater r = .16 03—C) self and other agreement Less Ego -> rating others More Ego —> rating self 09/04/09 ...
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