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Psych353 Exam1-007 - Bottom-up Specific —> General Top...

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Unformatted text preview: Bottom-up: Specific —> General Top down: General —> Specific We need Self-concept to organize the body of experience and this unrelated area of phenomena and make sense of it. 09/11/09 A. Self-complexity How exactly elaborate To refer to distinctive # of identity a person has -People who think of themselves many different way —> High self-complexity -People who think of themselves related only one way —> Low self-complexity Ex) More pile sorted (index card) Self-complexity score When sometimes bad thing happens, you feel depressed. People who have high self—complexity want to be good at every perspective. They want to be good as a lawyer, as a father, as a spouse, and so on. Define yourself as a good lawyer but also as a good father. > James Williams: To much self-complexity is bad —+Whether they support each other and conflict each other . Self-Concept Certainty and Importance Some self-view held great confidence We don’t believe everything we know 1) Self—view held great certainty less likely to be change than lower degree of certainty 2) More certain people are about their self-views the happier they are and better they feel good about themselves. People want to understand and know themselves than they could face to negative aspect. Importance: It’s the meaning Ex) two basketball player One mentions student —> athletes The other mentions athletes —* student C. Self- Schemata How EXTREME on that trait dimension? ...
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