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Psych353 Exam1-009 - -Figure out who we want to be in a...

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Unformatted text preview: -Figure out who we want to be in a certain situation and actively bring it out b. Desire to feel good about ourselves is other goal that activates self-knowledge -People selectively search their memory to confirm their self-view 4. Physical Factors a. Chemical imbalance causes changes in the brain —) Change the way people think about themselves b. Hunger, lack of sleep, hormone changes also change the way people think about themselves. —ex) drugs —»mood —rthink (self-view) 09/14/09 B. Situation Factors 1. Social roles —>how we think of ourselves at any given time Ex) at library, you think of yourself as a student 2. Social context and self—description 0 Theory of distinctiveness: The way in which we think of ourselves depends on the immediate social environment Distinctiveness is more salient in intergroup situation Group identity is more salient in intergroup situation People spontaneously think of themselves as American in French than in Huston. Statistically distinctiveness will make group identity more salient Salience of group identity may can based on group status Ex) Ad hawk 3 . Social context and self-evaluation - Context Effect: How is one evaluation of a stimulus affected by other stimulus? Psycho physics 0 Contrast Effect: A perception of stimulus (Me) is contrasted to other stimulus in that context. Ex) Perceive weight of 4 ounce One weighs up from low to high, 1 ounce. . .2 ounce. . .3 ounce The other weighs up from very high to high 22 ounce. . .23 ounce. . .24 ounce Ex) Attractiveness Score your attractiveness when you are contrasted to top 20 models and when you are contrasted to random sample of college women. We used immediate social environment as a target of comparison ...
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