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Psych353 Exam1-010 - 09 1 6/09 Actual ability held constant...

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Unformatted text preview: 09/ 1 6/09 Actual ability held constant. Ex) Students attending at best school think of themselves and evaluating themselves worse off, while students at low achieving school think of themselves better off. 0 Assimilation Effect: 1. Concept of psychological connectedness Ex) Attractiveness photo and birthday 2. 0 Contrast effect when individual identities are salient - Assimilation effect when group identities are salient Ex) Foot ball game and Bar 4. Significant others and self-evaluation We imagine who are not physically present: Internal Audience Ex) Participants are graduate students (PhD) of Michigan They saw what is on the computer screen, and asked to rate the score 1-10 of the EX) uncle Fred unrelated object. . IF- Smiles, m+e high Evefl Thaw}, +here’s no who Tr€o+ed you! EX) Students ofBob Scrence Angry+acel m+e low remap man, badl‘l. 5. Recent event it a-HTeo‘rs you r decision Recent events are particular View of self a Role of people’s memory Ex) one group given paper and write 5 things about their extraversion behavior The other group writes 5 things about their introverted things behavior Extraversion —+ rate themselves more sociable Introverted —> rate themselves less sociable 6 chairs are presented in the hall way and one stranger was sitting at one of the chair: How closely do they sit to the stranger? Extraversion —>sat closely to the stranger Introverted —* sat less closely to the stranger than extraversion 1. Selective memory for prior events can change or effect the way we think about ourselves. 2. Once we think. . .they change the our behavior and decision ...
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