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030810 (How Happy are People) - V How Happy are People A...

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V. How Happy are People? A. National Opinion Research Center 3 in 10 Americans say that they are very happy, 1 in 10 say that they are not too happy. People are similar in happiness across the world. 8 in 10 describe themselves more satisfied than dissatisfied. Only 1 in 10 think they are dissatisfied. i. Most people will say they are happier than neutral B. Diener 916 separate surveys, 1.1 million people, 45 different countries Standardized 10 point scale. 0 is very unhappy, 5 is neutral, 10 is very happy. The result is skewed positively. Most people in the 7 range. C. Men and women, different age groups, among races, have similar happiness. Exception Hospitalized alcoholics show low happiness. Psychotherapy patients, newly jailed, part-time job blacks, college students living under political oppression (Chinese). VI. Major Determinants of Subjective Well-Being A. Genetic Predispositions i. Twins Monozygotic (one fertilized egg, 100% same gene, identical twins), Dizygotic (two different eggs fertilized by two sperms, 50% genes in common). The
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