031210 (Self-Esteem Models of Depression)

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III.Self-Esteem Models of Depression i. whether low-esteem acts as a diathesis of depression. Are low-esteem people more likely to become depressed when they face a negative life event? A. Self-Esteem as a Risk Factor i. Two factors that makes people depressed: 1) If your mother has passed away, you are at greater risk of depression. The younger you were when she passed away, more risk of depression. 2) Lack of intimate confining relationship when the negative event happened. 1. Negative social experiences (mother dies when young) precipitate diathesis for depression (low self-esteem). You are okay when nothing happens, but when negative life event happens (lost of loved one, or not having intimate relationship) you will fall into deep depression. ii. Longitudinal study found that women with low self-esteem were twice as likely to become depressed, given a comparable negative life event B. Self-Worth Contingency Models low self-esteem people have highly conditional self- worth. When experiences threaten these self-worth
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