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033110 (Attributional Models of Depression)

033110 (Attributional Models of Depression) - V At t r...

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V. Attributional Models of Depression A. Learned Helplessness (Abramson) i. When people believe that they cannot do anything to change life, depression sets in. Important life events are out of control ii. Depression is most likely to occur when important life events are out of control and attribute the event internal, global, and stable 1. If I fail an exam, it’s because I am stupid (internal), I am stupid at everything not only math (global), I am also going to be stupid tomorrow, next month… (stable) A. Internal attribution worthlessness B. Global and Stable hopelessness 2. Characterological Self-Blame (negative attributional style) pattern of making attributions internal, global and stable. When people consistently make these attributions. This is a diathesis (vulnerability factor) of depression B. Hopelessness Theory of Depression i. Thinking that the life problem has a broad implication ii. Hopelessness I am incapable to alter implications of negative events C. Empirical Research i.
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