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033110-2 (Attentional Processes in Depression)

033110-2 (Attentional Processes in Depression) - people...

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VI. Attentional Processes in Depression A. Self-Awareness and Self-Consciousness i. Self-Awareness If you focus your attention not out onto the external but internal to your own thoughts and feelings and memories, you are said to be self-aware. People usually don’t like situations with high-level of self-awareness. ii. Self-Consciousness there is individual difference in the degree of self-awareness when faced with situations that induces self-awareness 1. Depressed people tend to be very introspective, and very self-absorbed. Also,
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Unformatted text preview: people with high self-consciousness tend to be easily depressed and stay depressed longer. These two might be linked. 2. The tendency to focus inward might trigger other things. People who score higher self-consciousness, a negative event can trigger a negative image of themselves. 3. Self-consciousness is a central symptom of depression. 4. People who are susceptible to self-consciousness during depression, are more likely to experience depression that is more destructive and longer lasting B. Ruminative Coping Style...
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