04035803 - Improving Employee Satisfaction on Performance...

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Improving Employee Satisfaction on Performance Appraisal: A Case Study on Thai Companies Shruti Shrestha, Junalux Chalidabhongse School of Management Technology Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology, Thammasat University Rangsit Campus, Pathumthani 12121, Thailand Abstract - A company’s success often depends on its employees’ performance. Performance appraisals on employees need to be conducted regularly in order to improve quality of work. Inappropriately performed appraisal can lead to employee dissatisfaction and decline in work performance. We conducted a survey on performance measurement by sending out 300 questionnaires to some government agencies and some private companies in Thailand and obtained a response rate of 48.5%. The survey was done in order to obtain information regarding the existing appraisal systems in Thailand; the criteria being used in the appraisal systems to evaluate employees; employees’ level of satisfaction on job, training systems and feedback methods; and to get a better idea of what kind of appraisal system would be suitable for Thai companies. Certain hypotheses were set and data analyses were performed on the data collected from the survey. The data analysis has helped us to determine the factors which truly affect and are important to improve employee satisfaction on performance appraisal. These factors can be used to construct a computer- based performance measurement system in a quantitative way, which should result in higher satisfaction for both employers and employees. I. INTRODUCTION Employees are the most important assets of a company. Other properties like company strategies, business models, services, and products can be copied by competitors in market but employees are the ones that actually form the company. Talented and capable employees provide competitive advantage to the company in order to survive in the competitive market. An employee’s performance is influenced by various factors like his/her skills, knowledge, capability, work attitude, leadership quality, working environment, employer’s attitude and company’s overall management system. It is beneficial for the top management level to conduct performance measurement among their employees regularly in order to manage and control high quality work from their employees. Creating and examining factors and ways to measure the high and low performance of employees is a fundamental way to lead towards efficient employee management. Performance management is considered one of the most important practices in Human Resource Management (HRM) field [34]. In simple words, employee performance measurement is the method of determining how well the employees are doing in terms of reaching their objectives. Absence of such system generally leads to the staff members
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04035803 - Improving Employee Satisfaction on Performance...

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