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Unformatted text preview: Researchon EnterpriseTacitKnowledgeManagementPerformance AppraisalBasedon Artifi'cialNeuralNetworks ZHANG Qing-pu, SHAN Wei SchoolofManagement,HarbinInstituteofTechnology,P.R.China,150001 Abstract:Basedonknowledgemanagementtheory and performance appraisalmethodology, theenterprise tacit knowledge management performance appraisal index system isestablished, and inview oftheneural network structure characteristic, self-adapted and self-taught function, enterprise tacit knowledge managementperformanceappraisalmodelbasedonBP neuralalgorithmisproposed.Thismodelisfeasibleand suitable in terms of convergence rate, the network adaptabilityaspect.Byusingtheseresearchresults,itcan appraise the level of the enterprise tacit knowledge management scientifically, and provide the policy-making basis to correctly instruct enterprise knowledgemanagementdevelopment. Keywords: BP algorithm,Knowledgemanagement, Performanceappraisal,Tacitknowledge 1 Introduction Knowledge isthemostimportantcoreresourcesof enterprise, and will be the origin through which enterprisemaintains thelastingcompetitive advantage. What's more, knowledge management is playing an important role in the modem business management. Accordingtotheattributeofknowledge andthedegree ofgaining and transmitting knowledge, the enterprise knowledge isdividedintoexplicitknowledge andtacit knowledge[1].Becausetacitknowledgeisconcealedand also itisdifficultto be imitated, itcan not be easily duplicatedorstolen.Sotacitknowledgeisthefoundation andthefountainheadofenterpriseanditformsthecore competitiveability.Tacitknowledgeismoreperfectthan explicitknowledgeand cancreatethevalue.Theessence ofenterprisecore abilityistacitknowledge. Therefore, highly effective management of the enterprise tacit knowledge is the key to obtaining the continuous competitiveadvantage,anditisthecorelinkofrealizing the transformation from tacit knowledge to explicit knowledge. Then people can subsequently realizing sharing, conformity and creation of enterprise knowledge. Untilnow,bothdomesticandforeignscholarshave focused great attention to the related knowledge management performance appraisalresearch.TiwanaA hasdiscussedtheissueofperformanceappraisalinterms ofthecustomerknowledge managementE2]; AimJH have discussed organizing knowledge management performance through the research on the relationship Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(No.70372044) andtheNaturalScienceFoundationof Heilongjiang(G200502) betweenknowledge, theproduct,theprocess flowand the performance[3];Fairchild A M haveusedthebalance productbranchcustomsstationtocarryontheappraisal to knowledge management[4]; Yan Guang-hua and Li Wei-jinhave appraisedtheperformance ofknowledge managementwithAHP andthefuzzymathematicsbased ontheanalysisofgoalofknowledge management[5];Li Shun-caietalhaveappraisedtheenterpriseknowledge management throughthe enterpriseknowledge storage quantitymulti-levelash connection[6]; WangJun-xiaand Guan Jian-cheng have appliedthe DEA inknowledge...
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This note was uploaded on 06/19/2011 for the course IT 2451 taught by Professor Mohmmadali during the Spring '11 term at Abu Dhabi University.

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04105100 - Researchon...

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