Teaching the importance of communication in IT

Teaching the importance of communication in IT - A new...

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38 IT Pro January February 2004 1520-9202/04/$20.00 © 2004 IEEE Published by the IEEE Computer Society Teaching the Importance of Communication in IT Jay Liebowitz M any IT employers complain that their employees, especially new graduates, have a solid technical background but lack adequate oral and written communications skills, a critical attribute. Phil Pfeiffer studied 15 firms and found that communication skills are a key requirement for employers (P. Pfeiffer, “What Employers Want From Students,” Association for Computing Machinery, http://www.acm.org/membership/ student/emplymntart.html). In his study, com- munications skills include • possessing strong writ- ten and spoken English, • helping customers un- derstand their require- ments, • asking questions (for example, in an inter- view situation), • responding to questions quickly and concisely, • establishing trust with the customer, and • clearly illustrating a sys- tem’s purpose. John Rossheim writes that having management and communications abili- ties, knowing how to work as part of a team, and pos- sessing a keen sense of business ethics are less- tangible skills that nearly all employers desire (J. Rossheim, “The Skills Gap and the American Workforce,” (http://featuredreports.monster. com/laborshortage/skills). The IEEE-USA echoes these findings by stating,“Underlying all of this is the need to develop the critical, analyti- cal, communications, and problem solving skills that people need to succeed in a fast changing, technology driven workplace (IEEE-USA, “Testimony on Educating Our Workforce With Technology Skills Needed To Compete in the 21st Century,”http://www.ieeeusa.org/forum/POLICY/ 1998/98mar24.html). Communication skills are crucial for a suc- cessful IT career. Many IT students feel they must only know the nuts and bolts of their pro- fession. But to move up the ranks of manage- ment, and even for those more interested in the technology side,proper communication skills are essential. For example, to gather user require- ments or be the liaison for translating the tech- nology jargon into something that management will adequately understand, communication skills play a key role. Educators can integrate communication skills into an information sys- tems core course to provide cohesion within the IS discipline. INTEGRATION IS A CRITICAL PART OF THE LEARNING PROCESS Already,universities have established programs to emphasize the “integrated” learning process, such as those at the College of Integrated Science A new course focuses on managing the IT enterprise in a modern organization, paying particular attention to effective communication. Professional and
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Teaching the importance of communication in IT - A new...

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