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paattero v saarela a 2000 self organization of a

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Unformatted text preview: latent semantic analysis. Machine Learning Journal, 41(1), 177–196. Honkela, T. (1997). Self-Organizing Maps in Natural Language Processing. PhD thesis, Helsinki Univ. of Technology, Neural Networks Research Center, Espoo, Finland. Honkela, T., Kaski, S., Lagus, K., & Kohonen, T. (1996). Newsgroup exploration with the websom method and browsing interface, technical report. Technical report, Helsinki University of Technology, Neural Networks Research Center, Espoo, Finland. Hotho, A., Staab, S., & Stumme, G. (2003). Ontologies improve text document clustering. In Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Data Mining (ICDM 03), (pp. 541–544). Joachims, T. (1998). Text categorization with support vector machines: Learning with many relevant features. In Nedellec, C. & Rouveirol, C. (Eds.), European Conf. on Machine Learning (ECML). Kaufman, L. & Rousseeuw, P. (1990). Finding groups in data: an introduction to cluster analysis. New York: Wiley. Keim, D. A. (2002). Information visualization...
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