1975 it gained increased attention with the rise of

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Unformatted text preview: parck-Jones & Willett (1997) for an overview). Although, information retrieval is a relatively old research area where first attempts for automatic indexing where made in 1975 (Salton et al. 1975), it gained increased attention with the rise of the World Wide Web and the need for sophisticated search engines. Even though, the definition of information retrieval is based on the idea of questions and answers, systems that retrieve documents based on keywords, i.e. systems that perform document retrieval like most search engines, are frequently also called information retrieval systems. The general goal of NLP is to achieve a better understanding of natural language by use of computers (Kodratoff 1999). Others include also the employment of simple and durable techniques for the fast processing of text, as they are presented e.g. in Abney (1991). The range of the assigned techniques reaches from the simple manipulation of strings to the automatic processing of natural language inquiries. In addition, linguistic analysis techniqu...
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