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Unformatted text preview: Further major applications of text mining methods consider the detection of topics in text streams and text summarization. Topic detection studies the problem of detecting new and upcoming topics in time-ordered document collections. The methods are frequently used in order to detect and monitor (topic tracking) news tickers or news broadcasts. An introduction and overview of current approaches can be found in Allan (2002). Text summarization aims at the creation of a condensed version of a document or a document collection (multidocument summarization) that should contain its most important topics. Most approaches still focus on the idea to extract individual informative sentences from a text. The summary consists then simply of a collection of these sentences. However, recently refined approaches try to extract semantic information from documents and create summaries based on this information (cf. Leskovec et al. (2004)). For an overview see Mani & Maybury (1999) and Radev et al. (2002). 4 Applications In this section...
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