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Unformatted text preview: At a higher level phrases and sentences have to be parsed, semantically interpreted and integrated. Finally the required pieces of information like "position" and "incoming person name" are entered into the database. Although the most accurate information extraction systems often involve handcrafted language-processing modules, substantial progress has been made in applying data mining techniques to a number of these steps. 3.3.1 Classification for Information Extraction Entity extraction was originally formulated in the Message Understanding Conference (Chinchor 1997). One can regard it as a word-based tagging problem: The word, where the entity starts, get tag "B", continuation words get tag "I" and words outside the entity get tag "O". This is done for each type of entity of interest. For the example above we have for instance the person-words "by (O) John (B) J. (I) Donner (I) Jr. (I) the (O)". Hence we have a sequential classificati...
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