Examples of such entities include the names of

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Unformatted text preview: different categorical hierarchies of about 800 and 2,300 categories (Paaß & deVries 2005). Due to confidentiality the results can be published only in anonymized form. For the corpus with 2,300 categories the best system achieved at an F1-value of 39%, while for the corpus with 800 categories an F1-value of 79% was reached. In the latter case a partially automatic assignment based on the reliability score was possible for about half the documents, while otherwise the systems could only deliver proposals for human categorizers. Especially good are the results for recovering persons and geographic locations with about 80% F1-value. In general there were great variations between the performances of the systems. In a usability experiment with human annotators the formal evaluation results were confirmed leading to faster and more consistent annotation. It turned out, that with respect to categories the human annotators exhibit a relative large disagreement and a lower consistency than text mining systems. Hence the support of human annotators by text mining systems offers more consistent annotations in addition to faster annotation. The Deutsche Presse-Agentur now is routinely using a t...
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