Frequently used is the hidden markov model hmm which

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Unformatted text preview: on problem for the labels of each word, with the surrounding words as input feature vector. A frequent way of forming the feature vector is a binary encoding scheme. Each feature component can be considered as a test that asserts whether a certain pattern occurs at a specific position or not. For example, a feature component takes the value 1 if the previous word is the word "John" and 0 otherwise. Of course we may not only test the presence of specific words but also whether the words starts with a capital letter, has a specific suffix or is a specific part-of-speech. In this way results of previous analysis may be used. Now we may employ any efficient classification method to classify the word labels using the input feature vector. A good candidate is the Support Vector Machine because of its ability to handle large sparse feature vectors efficiently. Takeuchi & Collier (2002) used it to extract entities in the molecular biology domain. 3.3.2 Hidden Markov Models One problem of standard classification approaches is that...
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