In order to depict individual documents or groups of

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Unformatted text preview: ations and Result Sets Interesting approaches to visualize keyword-document relations are, e.g., the Cat-a-Cone model (Hearst & Karadi 1997), which visualizes in a three dimensional representation hierarchies of categories that can be interactively used to refine a search. The InfoCrystal (Spoerri 1995) visualizes a (weighted) boolean query and the belonging result set in a crystal structure. The Lyberworld model (Hemmje et al. 1994) and the visualization components of the SENTINEL Model (Fox et al. 1999) are representing documents in an abstract keyword space. An approach to visualize the results of a set of queries was presented in Havre et al. (2001). Here, retrieved documents are arranged according to their similarity to a query on straight lines. These lines are arranged in a circle around a common center, i.e. every query is represented by a single line. If several documents are placed on the same (discrete) position, they are arranged in the same distance to the circle, but with a slight offset. Thus, clusters occur that represent the distribution of documents for the belonging query. 3.4.2 Visualizing Document Collections For the visualization...
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