In the latter case a partially automatic assignment

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Unformatted text preview: l products but are still also of interest for research, since there is still a need for improved performance. Companies like IBM offer products to support the analysis of patent text documents. Dorre describes in (Dörre et al. 1999) the IBM Intelligent Miner for text in a scenario applied to patent text and compares it also to data mining and text mining. Coupet & Hehenberger (1998) do not only apply clustering but also give some nice visualization. A similar scenario on the basis of SOM is given in (Lamirel et al. 2003). Band 20 – 2005 53 Hotho, Nürnberger, and Paaß 4.2 Text Classification for News Agencies In publishing houses a large number of news stories arrive each day. The users like to have these stories tagged with categories and the names of important persons, organizations and places. To automate this process the Deutsche PresseAgentur (dpa) and a group of leading German broadcasters (PAN) wanted to select a commercial text classification system to support the annotation of news articles. Seven systems were tested with a two given test corpora of about half a million news stories and...
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