It is the rst cluster solution it is assumed that

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Unformatted text preview: t their name since they form a sequence of groupings or clusters that can be represented in a hierarchy of clusters. This hierarchy can be obtained either in a top-down or bottom-up fashion. Top-down means that we start with one cluster that contains all documents. This cluster is stepwise refined by splitting it iteratively into sub-clusters. One speaks in this case also of the so called "divisive" algorithm. The bottom-up or "agglomerative" procedures start by considering every document as individual cluster. Then the most similar clusters are iteratively merged, until all documents are contained in one single cluster. In practice the divisive procedure is almost of no importance due to its generally bad results. Therefore, only the agglomerative algorithm is outlined in the following. The agglomerative procedure considers initially each document d of the the whole document set D as an individual cluster. It is the first cluster solution. It is assumed that each docume...
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