Koster et al 2001 reported very good result with an 3

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Unformatted text preview: we briefly discuss successful applications of text mining methods in quite diverse areas as patent analysis, text classification in news agencies, bioinformatics and spam filtering. Each of the applications has specific char- 52 LDV-FORUM A Brief Survey of Text Mining acteristics that had to be considered while selecting appropriate text mining methods. 4.1 Patent Analysis In recent years the analysis of patents developed to a large application area. The reasons for this are on the one hand the increased number of patent applications and on the other hand the progress that had been made in text classification, which allows to use these techniques in this due to the commercial impact quite sensitive area. Meanwhile, supervised and unsupervised techniques are applied to analyze patent documents and to support companies and also the European patent office in their work. The challenges in patent analysis consists of the length of the documents, which are larger then documents usually used in text classification, and the large number of available documents in a corpus (Koster et al. 2001). Usu...
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