On the one side there is data mining as synonym for

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Unformatted text preview: great flux. One indicator for this is the sometimes confusing use of terms. On the one side there is data mining as synonym for KDD, meaning that data mining contains all aspects of the knowledge discovery process. This definition is in particular common in practice and frequently leads to problems to distinguish the terms clearly. The second way of looking at it considers data mining as part of the KDD-Processes (see Fayyad et al. (1996)) and describes the modelling phase, i.e. the application of algorithms and methods for the calculation of the searched patterns or models. Other authors like for instance Kumar & Joshi (2003) consider data mining in addition as the search for valuable information in large quantities of data. In this article, we equate data mining with the modelling phase of the KDD process. Band 20 – 2005 21 Hotho, Nürnberger, and Paaß The roots of data mining lie in most diverse areas of research, which underlines the interdisciplinary character of this field. In the following we briefly discuss the r...
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