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Unformatted text preview: and Probability, volume 1, (pp. 281–297). University of California Press. Maitra, R. (2002). A statistical perspective on data mining. J. Ind. Soc. Prob. Statist. Mani, I. & Maybury, M. T. (Eds.). (1999). Advances in Automatic Text Summarization. MIT Press. Manning, C. D. & Schütze, H. (2001). Foundations of Statistical Natural Language Processing. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press. McCallum, A. (2003). Efficiently inducing features of conditional random fields. In Proc. Conf. on Uncertainty in Articifical Intelligence (UAI), 2003. Mendes, M. E. & Sacks, L. (2001). Dynamic knowledge representation for e-learning applications. In Proc. of BISC International Workshop on Fuzzy Logic and the Internet (FLINT 2001), (pp. 176–181)., Berkeley, USA. ERL, College of Engineering, University of California. Merkl, D. (1998). Text classification with self-organizing maps: Some lessons learned. Neurocomputing, 21, 61–77. Michelakis, E., Androutsopoulos, I., Paliouras, G., Sakkis, G., & Stamatopoul...
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