The entropy can be seen as a measure of the

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Unformatted text preview: omputed: W (t) = 1 + 1 log2 | D | ∑ d∈ D P(d, t) log2 P(d, t) with P ( d, t ) = tf(d, t) ∑n=1 tf(dl , t) l (1) Here the entropy gives a measure how well a word is suited to separate documents by keyword search. For instance, words that occur in many documents will have low entropy. The entropy can be seen as a measure of the importance of a word in the given domain context. As index words a number of words that have a high entropy relative to their overall frequency can be chosen, i.e. of words occurring equally often those with the higher entropy can be preferred. In order to obtain a fixed number of index terms that appropriately cover the documents, a simple greedy strategy can be applied: From the first document in the collection select the term with the highest relative entropy (or information gain as described in Sect. 3.1.1) as an index term. Then mark this document and all other documents containing this term. From the first of the remaining 26 LDV-FORUM A Brief Survey of Text Mining unmarked documents select again the term with the hig...
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