The main task is to extract parts of text and assign

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Unformatted text preview: ng approaches, but we had to leave out many other. Obviously there are many ways to define clusters and because of this we cannot expect to obtain something like the ‘true’ clustering. Still clustering can be insightful. In contrast to classification, which relies on a prespecified grouping, cluster procedures label documents in a new way. By studying the words and phrases that characterize a cluster, for example, a company could learn new insights about its customers and their typical properties. A comparison of some clustering methods is given in Steinbach et al. (2000). The Utility of Clustering 3.3 Information Extraction Natural language text contains much information that is not directly suitable for automatic analysis by a computer. However, computers can be used to sift through large amounts of text and extract useful information from single words, phrases or passages. Therefore information extraction can be regarded as a restricted form of full natural language understanding,...
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