The resulting clusters are arranged in a low

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Unformatted text preview: of document collections usually two-dimensional projections are used, i.e. the high dimensional document space is mapped on a two-dimensional surface. In order to depict individual documents or groups of documents usually text flags are used, which represent either a keyword or the document category. Colors are frequently used to visualize the density, e.g. the number of documents in this area, or the difference to neighboring documents, e.g. in order to emphasize borders between different categories. If three-dimensional projections are used, for example, the number of documents assigned to a specific area can be represented by the z-coordinate. Visualization of document collections requires methods that are able to group documents based on their similarity and furthermore that visualize the similarity between discovered groups of documents. Clustering approaches that are frequently used to find groups of documents with similar content (Steinbach et al. 2000) – see also section 3.2 – usually do not consider the neighborhood relations between the obtained cluster c...
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