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G references of scientic publications the tools

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Unformatted text preview: & Chen 2001) and combined search, navigation and visualization techniques in an integrated tool (Nürnberger 2001). A screenshot of the prototype discussed in Nürnberger (2001) is depicted in Fig. 4. 3.4.3 Other Techniques Besides methods based on self-organizing maps several other techniques have been successfully applied to visualize document collections. For example, the tool VxInsight (Boyack et al. 2002) realizes a partially interactive mapping by an energy minimization approach similar to simulated annealing to construct a three dimensional landscape of the document collection. As input either a vector space description of the documents or a list of directional edges, e.g. defined based on citations of links, can be used. The tool SPIRE (Wise et al. 1995) 50 LDV-FORUM A Brief Survey of Text Mining Figure 4: A Prototypical Retrieval System Based on Self-Organizing Maps Band 20 – 2005 51 Hotho, Nürnberger, and Paaß applies a three step approach: It first clusters documents in document space, than projects the discovered cluster cen...
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