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Invited Paper Government Network to Serve e-Government Requirements Mladen Mauher Government of the Republic of Croatia Office for Internet Infrastructure Development Trg sv. Marka 2, Zagreb, Hrvatska Tcl.: +385 1 6303 558 E-mail: mladen.mauher8vlada.hr Abstract - Approach to Government Telecommunication Network Design and Implementation to serve existing and predicted e-Government requirements is presented. A National ICT Development Strategy - Croatia in 21st Century, corresponding Implementation Strategies and High Level Government Network Functional Requirements have been established. The Emerging Network Service Technologies and Service Providing Models, combined by basic requiremenls for the ICT Network, contributed to refied functional requirement specification focused to host the National Internet Implementation Projects. Resulting Institutional Implementation Framework and conclusion is presented in thi5 paper. 1. INTRODUCTION The building of an Information and Communication Infrastructure (ICI) is a necessary initial step to he taken on the way to implement the ICT'Developmcnt Strategy - Croatia in 2Ist Century [I) within a longer time perspective. A well-designed and successfully implemented IC1 can provide for secure, standards based intcrconnection of government institutions and agencies, bringing them to a more efficient and more open mode internal and external communication. But it can also enable the Government to take the necessary leadership in the overall e-development in Croatia, serving as a model for the rest of the country for adopting the concepts of an information and knowledge society. The Government of Croatia - Office for Internet Infrastructure Development, rcspccting e-Govemment functions, cyberspace and national Security goals, information about spare or unused telecommunications capacities that could support the Government Telecommunication Nctwork (CRO-GOV-NET) minimizing the need for special construction and associated costs and time delays, and alternative approaches to designing, developing, acquiring, operating and managing the CRO-GOV-NET has: Identified the detail sizing of the network in ternis of connected locations and topology. Identified detail sizing of the individual sites to be connected to the IC1 infrastructure (the number ol users, number of servers, Site characteristics and physical connectivity requirements). ~___ 7th International Conference on Telecommunications - ConTEL 2003 ISBN: 953-184-052-0, June 11-13, 2003, Zagreb, Croatia Estimated the traffic volumes expected to be carried by the network and qualify the performance bandwidth parameters of the network. Identified the requirements for remote access to the network (internal. external users), and the policies associated with this remote access.
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1214616 - Invited Paper Government Network to Serve...

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