5137933 - Analysis on E-government Outsourcing and Its...

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Analysis on E-government Outsourcing and Its Model Han Na 1 , Li Xiuping 2 1.School of Economy and Management Hebei University of Science and Technology, Shijiazhuang 050018,China hanna1974@126.com 2. Department of Economics and Trade, ShiJiaZhuang Vocational Technology Institute Abstract Developing e-government by introducing outsourcing mechanism was the trend of national e- government construction. On the basis of summing and using existed experiences, this article analyzed the three main modes of operation and selection of e- government outsourcing from e-government models, and on the basis of the analysis provided the suggestions in the building of outsourcing models of e- government. 1. Introduction The construction of e-government was a great engineering. It involved not only all aspects of information technology and government affairs areas, but also the combination of the two. So it was not scientific, even not realistic that the construction of e- government was undertaken by government. The practice at home and abroad showed that introducing the mechanism of outsourcing was a effective way to increase efficiency, reduce costs and ensure specialization. Because the outsourcing mechanism in our country was still underdeveloped, there were many realistic problems and confusion in practice. So we needed to sum up and borrow ideas from existing experience and practices at home and abroad. And on this basis, we analyzed and studied key questions with some common in outsourcing mechanism of e- government so as to contribute on continual improvement of outsourcing mechanism of e- government in our country. 2. The outsourcing of e-government E-government transferred its management and service functions to be completed to network by modern computer and network technology, and at the same time achieved the restructuring and optimization of organizational structure and process of government and surpassed the constraints of time, space and department division in order to provide high-quality, standardized and all-dimensional management and service to society. The outsourcing of e-government, namely IT outsourcing managed service in government, was not only a government services outsourcing but also a IT outsourcing. Commonly, the concept of outsourcing of E-government was derived from information technology outsourcing. The so- called outsourcing of information technology was that the work on day-to-day maintenance on information system in a department or enterprise was partially or all delegated professional company to complete. The outsourcing of e-government was a management and operation mode that delegated partially or all the work about government affairs project, day-to-day operation and maintenance and related services to professional IT outsourcing service providers to complete in the process of government information. 3. The analysis on the outsourcing model of
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5137933 - Analysis on E-government Outsourcing and Its...

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