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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY Engineering 7 – Spring 2009 Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Instructor: Professor Rector 1 Lab 00 – SOLUTIONS (16 Pts Total) Topics : MatLab interface, basic commands Assigned : Friday, 01/23/2009 Due : Friday, 01/30/2009 at 2:00 pm Type : Take Home The report for this lab must be submitted electronically on bspace as a Word document (.doc) or as a PDF file (.pdf). You must also submit a physical copy of your report. 1. Important Please read the lab policies provided in the document LabSubmissionGuidelines.pdf available from the Resources section of the E7 page on Bspace. A chatroom is available on the bspace website for E7, so that you can ask questions about the labs. The professors and the GSIs will regularly check the newsgroup for questions and answer them. You may also answer a question asked by another student. (0 points) Nothing to do here 2. Getting Started in Matlab (a) Start Matlab by double-clicking the shortcut in the class folder. Make sure you are in the correct starting director y . Find the command, current directory, workspace, and command history windows and understand what is shown in these windows. You do not need to write anything about the following commands in the report, but these commands will be useful for the rest of the labs. help - The command help followed by the name of another command provides help on that command. Throughout the semester, using the help command of Matlab will prove much faster than waiting for a GSI to
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